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If you are:

  • a genius programmer wanting to grip his, her, their coding muscles around VR/AR exploration

  • an artist seeking MORE

  • a philanthropist looking for ways to contribute in the world

I want to hear from you.
I want all the people interested to hear from you.


Upon interest, we'll set up time(s) to meet and share ideas. 
Send me an email at
message on Facebook 

Augmented Reality is what's next. 

Portland, Oregon downtown is a beautiful place currently scarred by destruction. It is rebuilding. Augmented Reality experiences present possibilities for cutting edge ways to 'Keep Portland Weird', virtual paths towards appreciation for what exists and creative visioning for what our fair city will become. 


What if on fenced and boarded Yamhill St. you could see things like this?

And every boarded up window downtown had a marker on it
that triggered a gorgeous moving mural
with a prompt to visit the artist's patreon or social media?

Fine Art by Ila Rose

And every bus stop visitors could be entertained by
local street entertainers also with a prompts to
visit their patreon or social media?

All spots of interest musical or visual, historical scavenger hunts, interesting Portland facts found by chance or directed by a Geocache style website
and viewed easily through common devices. 


And the new common device is coming which will propel Augmented Reality experiences to the mainstream. 

Artists will shape Augmented Reality

The technology is in its infancy. Wouldn't it be wonderful to empower Portland's creative minds with the tools of possibility?
... like when perspective was introduced in painting. That went well. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 7.28.04 AM.png

NFTs are hot in the art world right now. Artists extend their selling power with additional augmented experiences of it. There is a statistic that says customers are 11 times more likely to buy when an augmented reality experience is available. 

Museums have caught on. Check out this list of who's already moving forward implementing Augmented Reality programs

I'm going to do it. And its not going to cost me x-amount a month for x-amount of views. 
If I can do it, others can too.


I'd like to gather resources, intrigue minds and identify steps to make it so.

This may lead to me establishing an AR/VR creation service
or me becoming a part of an already established studio. 
The path ahead is unclear. That's the interesting part!


My Background

  • We had a computer in the home when I was a teenager.

  •  I did work with Photoshop and Illustrator in 1.0. 

  •  When the web was born, I created early webpages for myself in Microsoft Word. See:(Wayback Machine)  I gave talks, I encouraged others to participate in the web and served as webmaster for a website offering hosting and technical support for Texas nonprofit art agencies. 

  • In Second Life, 2008, I had property on an island and on it, my brother's virtual sailboat, my Dad's Mechanical Engineering visual representations, and a gallery of augmented oil paintings. See:(Second Life gallery video)

  • 2010 I was pioneering virtual school visits using the new Skype technology. See: (Making of Bighorn Sheep).

  • In the cell phone app wild West of 2013, I taught myself app programming and almost developed two apps.

  • 2018 I was creating virtual school visits with live animated characters with Zoom and Character Animator See: (Alphabet School Visits)

All along, I have been pursuing making a living as an artist. See: (A Living in Art) - Austin Chronicle feature). I have painted murals on a limousine, kids rooms, businesses and a 4 story grain silo. I've animated now on all THREE of Richard Linklater's animated feature films; "Waking Life", "A Scanner Darkly" and the upcoming "Apollo 10 1/2", directed a music video and did numerous pieces for stage, television and clients. I've illustrated for magazines, books and newspapers worldwide - including over 30 children's books. 


I put my toe in the ocean of Augmented Reality three years ago. I found it limited. Now, in 2021, I see a wealth of potential!

I am looking to either join a team or form a team of brilliant, talented individuals exploring the potential of Augmented and Virtual Reality technology.  

  • I have researched and found a number of companies offering 'no code' implementation of ideas and delivery - pricey, limited in possibility and limited in creative control

  • I've researched and experimented with writing WebAR code - exploring Unity, A-Frame, Three.js, Sketchfab, WebXR, Adobe Dimension, XCode, Dreamweaver and more. 

I can and will crack this. The process will be shortened with the collaboration of a team and the results will be more than I/WE knew possible. 


Together we are STRONGER!

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